The Project


Who’s involved and why?

Documentarian John Price in Linden Hall, Dawson, Pennsylvania


My name is John Price and I grew up in Michigan. While growing up, I befriended a neighbor who was a family member of Joseph Bracco — one of the former owners of Linden Hall. Her stories sparked my interest in the property.
On a drive to the Outer Banks in college, I stopped by the Linden Hall and was entranced. Since then, I’ve researched, investigated, and talked to many wonderful people around Dawson, Scottdale, Connessville, Mount Pleasant, and Uniontown and I’ve fallen in love with the Laurel Highlands. There are so many great stories that today are being passed down in families, among friends, or members of local historical societies.
My aim is to showcase the beauty and history of Linden Hall and how it came to be through the Cochran family, but also to explore the people who have been effected and involved with the house after the Cochrans and why it continues to be an important piece of the community. I look forward to hearing from you and having conversations about how Linden Hall played a role in your life. The plan for the documentary is to conduct a series of interviews and piece together various narratives that tell the continued Story of Linden Hall.
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