History of Linden Hall

A Brief History of Linden Hall

James and Clarissa Cochran of Dawson, Pennsylvania were parents to Philip Cochran who married Sarah Boyd Moore.

James Cochran and sons were the first to develop coke from coal and use it commercially.

With the ever-increasing demand for coke, the Cochrans began to accumulate wealth. Son Philip married the family’s maid, Sarah Moore, daughter of farmers with no formal education.

Sarah was widowed early in life and the only son of she and Philip died in college of pneumonia.

The demands of running a vast business enterprise were thrust upon Sarah which she took in stride when no women were leaders in the coal and coke industry.

Seeking respite from the loss of her son, Sarah spent eight years in Europe gathering ideas, furniture, and furnishings and antiques to build Linden Hall.

Construction for Linden Hall began in 1911 and opened with a dedication ceremony on Christmas Day 1913. Many business meetings with coal and coke industry leaders were held at Linden Hall. Sarah lived in the house until her death in 1936.

After Sarah Cochran died…

She left Linden Hall to her brother Herbert Moore and his wife. The Moores lived at the home for several years. They then sold the property in 1946 to Joe Breskin who planned to develop the property into a lodge and build cottages around the estate.

Breksin then sold to the property to The Order of St. Basil the Great in 1949.

For a period of time long-robed monks wandered the property and trained young priests.

In 1956, Joseph Bracco of Pittsburgh purchased Linden Hall and developed the property into a country club.

On the sprawling estate, Bracco built an 18-hole golf course and installed an olympic size swimming pool. Grand parties with live music, gambling, dancing, and sport enlivened the property for years.

The United Steelworkers Union acquired the property in 1976.

Today, the golf course is public. The swimming pool is available to the public for a seasonal fee. The Union built a small hotel and conference center at the base of the hill from Linden Hall where they hold training seminars.

Sarah Cochran’s former home, Linden Hall, is rarely open to the public. It is available to rent for weddings and other events.